Visual and Print Storyteller based in North Carolina

"See it All" is more than a self-brand; it's a life philosophy. 

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As a person who has always struggled with the challenge to, "just pick one" this brand represents my professional aspirations as much as it represents my personal identity.

A few years ago, I stumbled across the following quote from Lindsay Clark of, which has resonated with me ever since: 

What makes a person happy?
For what is a traveler traveling?
Are we unhappy, or does the world fulfill us?
And if it doesn’t, what could ever hope to fulfill someone if the world cannot?

The subjects I have documented from behind the lens and the words I have written reflect my captivation with the world. Architecture, food, cities, sports, wildlife, rural landscapes, fashion---I strive to discover new aspects of life and to expand my interests whether it leads me thousands of miles away or keeps me close to my home in North Carolina. 

Even though the world captivates me, I receive my fulfillment from engaging in the human experience. Through my storytelling projects, I hope to collaborate with other creative minds and passionate visionaries to produce content (whether it's writing, video, or photography) that will move people to "see it all" by living a life full of thought, emotion, and action. 

For my resume, click here.  

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